Cradle[Dolly’s Dreaming Awakening -Cradle Song-]

Aside from Revival of the Golden Witch and another project of mine, I decided to adopt the translation of a Umineko fan VN.

In 2010, a doujin circle named RA/MNESS released the demo of a fanmade VN as an April Fool’s joke, it’s name “Cradle[Dolly’s Dreaming Awakening -Cradle Song-]”. The joke is that they never released a full version like they promised to do in the next Comiket, leaving the game abandoned as a trial version.

Yet, that fanmade trial VN was never translated. Why? I dunno. Either way, I know I’m already busy with Revival of the Golden Witch and another side-project, but I decided to translate Dolly’s Dreaming Awakening -Cradle Song-. I simply cannot let Umineko-related things (even if this is essentialy fanfiction) untranslated.

The VN takes place in a high school setting, with the characters being Battler, Amakusa, Beato and Ange. Battler and Amakusa are best friends, Beato is an american transfer student and Ange studies in the same school, but not in the same grade as the other three.

The plot is simple: Battler begins to have strange dreams, and it seems like he’s forgetting something. What is it? Does it have any relation to the transfer student Beatrice?

The story lasts 3 looping days, and has some choices with two endings. The trial can be downloaded for free at the circle’s website here, but I’ll also include it in my patch (it’s a free VN after all).

The art is beautiful and the story is good. In fact, just the art is enough to make someone read it: whoever drew the characters is a <VERY GOOD> artist.

I’ll be frank: I’m not fluent in japanese at all. I’m using translators and dictionaries to translate, but I’m getting satisfatory results. I’ll be posting translation updates here.

I started translating it today, and I’m about halfway through the first day. That makes it… roughly 65% of the first day and 15% overall. Pretty impressive for just one day. Either way, I’m creating the patch as I translate, meaning I have some screenshots already:


Update (25/11/12) – I’m not dead! Sorry, but school kept me busy all these months so I did not make much progress. But I’m officially free from school now (graduated from High School) so I’ll try to finish this until the end of December. Anyway, The Second Day is 10%-ish translated and The First Day is also 100% done, with complete Quality Check.

Update – No, this is not dead. I’ll finish this one day, even if it is the last thing I do.

First Day: 100% (done)

Second Day: 0%

Third Day: 0%

Image Editing: 45%

Quality Check: 33.3% (First Day done)

Overall: 20%-ish


Where Everything Begins

Update – This project is dead. I’m terribly sorry.

Hello to everyone.

This is the development blog of my Umineko no Naku Koro ni forgery Visual Novel, “Revival of the Golden Witch” (temporary title, may change in the future but this is not likely). Not many things will be posted here aside from updates on game progress and maybe screenshots.

Update (06/19/12) – The resolution is now 1020×574 rather than 640×480, because it eases the borders of the character sprites when resized; Also The First Day is now 10% done. After friday I’ll be free from school for two weeks, I plan to use that time to at least finish some additions to the prologue and finish writing The First Day.

Game Details:

  • Engine: Ren’py
  • Resolution: 1020×574
  • Narration style: ADV (may change to NVL later)
  • Font: Consolas (may change to Sazanami Gothic later)
  • Language: English and Brazilian Portuguese

Project Team and Contributions:

  • Everything unless stated otherwise: GabrieliosP (me)
  • Rain effect: Courtesy of Oliver and Renall (thank you guys, really thank you)

Current Progress:

  • Prologue: 100% (d0ne)
  • The First Day: 10%
  • The Second Day: 0%
  • Fantasy/Meta Scenes: 0%
  • Epilogue: 0%
  • Opening Movie: 75% (may be removed in the future. The film itself is done, but I’m having issues with Ren’py playing it)
  • English Translation of All Above: 60%-ish (current progress only. Only the prologue is finished, and it is already translated, so current english translation is 60%-ish, because of The First Day and Opening Movie)

To-Do List:

  • Rain Effect (done)
  • Character Profiles and TIPS menu
  • Music Box
  • Finishing the game script
  • Proofreading
  • Whodunnit (done)
  • Whydunnit (done)
  • Howdunnit: 40%

Estimated Time Until Release: Not anytime soon. Not before fishing all of the above.